Vincent aka “DJ TWIGZ”

What is your background in DJing? 

“I first started DJing back in 2007, at that time with a background in music production, creating mash-ups and remixes. I joined the DJZ Productions team in 2012, before that I had a few weddings under my belt here and there but it wasn’t until I became an associate here that I was really able to hone in on my abilities to provide a successful experience specifically for wedding clients. Previously I had catered to the high school crowd DJing school dances primarily. I feel like it’s important to have an understanding of what all age groups appreciate musically. ”

What are some of the genres you prefer to listen to or play?

“I like to consider myself an open format DJ, being versatile plays a huge part in this industry. I really enjoy playing mash-ups and remixes of Top-40, Hip-Hop, and EDM tracks, keeping things unique and playing versions that people might not have heard before. I also have a passion for Hip-Hop and R&B of the early to mid 2000’s era.”

What is your favorite thing about weddings?

“It is such a humbling experience knowing that you’re given the opportunity and privilege to be a part of someone elses’ big day, a day that will be a part of their lives forever! Nothing compares to being able to share your talent in this way.”

What do you like to do outside of work?

“I’m a huge automotive enthusiast, I thoroughly enjoy working with my hands and have several project cars I’m restoring and building. I spend a lot of my free time attending and participating in drift events, it’s a big part of my life actually. I also spend a lot of time producing music, creating edits and remixes for others to enjoy!”